Welcome to Our Big Data World. We specialize in Big Data and Analytics solutions. Turkgen provides simple and fast solutions to complex problems.

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We provide business solutions, consultancy and training services to the specific sectors.

Business Solutions

We develop custom business solutions on Big Data & Analytics, Business Intelligence and Customer Management Systems. Our solutions are high performance, easy to adopt, fully customized to the specific sectors and can run in the cloud or on-site.

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We provide consultancy services on Big Data & Analytics projects for requirement analysis, system design, documentation, development, test, architectural design, project management, quality control, end user trainings and deployment.

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We give custom trainings on Big Data & Analytics products and technologies such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop, Storm, Spark and Redis. Our training methodology includes assesment, organization, delivery and evaluation processes.

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Apache Cassandra is a high performance, extremely scalable, fault tolerant (i.e. no single point of failure), distributed post-relational database solution. Cassandra combines all the benefits of Google Bigtable and Amazon Dynamo to handle the types of database management needs that traditional RDBMS vendors can not support.

Cassandra also places a high value on performance. University of Toronto researchers studying NoSQL systems concluded that "In terms of scalability, there is a clear winner throughout our experiments. Cassandra achieves the highest throughput for the maximum number of nodes in all experiments."

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Latest News

A new EU Project

Turkgen has been approved as a partner in a new EU project which has a main goal to research, develop and demonstrate an open and shared service platform for information acquisition, processing and delivery between stakeholders.

New Teknokent Office

Turkgen will continue to develop new projects in Istanbul University Teknokent Office as March 2014.

Big Data R&D Project

Turkgen started to a new Research & Development project to develop a prototype on Big Data & Analytics to a big telecommunications vendor.

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